Workspace works after a number of restarts

In order for me to get the workspace running, I have to do the following

  1. Launch the workspace and let the java server start
  2. I get a notification telling me to restart since the java server configuration has changed, so restart it.
  3. After restarting, either I get an error which says “Problems encountered while moving Java resources” or The lombok dependencies aren’t loaded because of which I get messages like log, getters and setters not found.
  4. I clean the Java Server workspace and finally it works.

The above is happening for a long time now. How can I fix this.


Is this issue still happening ?

Unfortunately, it’s still happening.

Sometimes, the Java server doesn’t even start.


Can you give me some more context - like resetting happening after running the server command ?

The problem is that the java server doesn’t load properly. So I have to perform Clean Java Server workspace command at least thrice to get it loading properly.

Would it help if I record the screen and send you?

Yeah. You can send me on slack

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