Workspace stops randomly

My workspace randomly slows down dramatically to the point that it becomes unusable. I tried hard resetting using ctrl + shift + r, logging in and out, and also clearing the history of the browser. This issue has been there for almost a week now.
Also, I don’t have any extra files under my workspace folder, the 1 GB file is under /home/crio-user/ftp_client. Also, “du -m” returns 2.0 MB

@gautam we all know this is really frustrating. But I think we all are in slack and beside this forum team crio many times share some important links to solve this kind of issues.
Try to help yourself, it’s better .And note we all are here , don’t worry.

On behalf of my experience, if there is no system issue or you take the all precautions well then there might be a Internet problem.

Make sure your internet is working fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for your inputs. Actually the issue turned out to be an extension router that was consuming a lot of bandwidth.