Workspace refuses to open in new tab

After I receive the ip address and login details, I am able to launch workspace using “Launch online IDE” option but I am unable to open it in new tab
Opening in new tab enables to work freely, anyone knows about the workaround to that issue ?

is your problem resolved?

NO the problem has not been solved, during QEats I got Unqiue address instead of IP adress and login details, and web address worked for me.
If possible, please allow me to open workspace through web link rather than IP approach, as its not working

Hey, please check if your WI-fi or connected network is blocking the IP?
try using your mobile 4G?

Just tried this, it still refuses to connect.
Can you please change my workspace to old style where unique link was provided instead of IP address

We are working on it.
Are you able to see the workspace normally ?

Yes, i a able to see workspace normally