Workspace issue (all files in workspace are lost)

Sir, I am a crio launch participant. I was working on Qbox Module2. I had successfully completed Module1 and Module2. After completing Module2 I also received a mail saying that my build was successful. But i was not able to see any changes under my Assessment status tab. I noticed that i had incorrectly resolved the merge conflict in my metadata.json file. But since it was already committed there was not resetting even after the git reset command. I was unable to pull anything either since i had committed all my recent changes. Since it is the last day of the deadline, I request you to please if possible, set up my workspace again as that after module1 completion. I will be really grateful.

I have one idea.
why dont you just change the text in metadata.json
its not very different.
Maybe this approach will work

no my files are deleted as and now metadata.json is not present.
it asked me to chang the head position and for that you need to run command git reset HEAD and when i did that my metadata.json was also deleted

Its looks like you haven’t push module 2 yet.

yes the error started there and now i dont have module 2 in my worksapce

Did you pull module 2 correctly?

yes i did it even i completed all the 4 milestone but then i got a merge conflict and mistakenly resolved the conflict in worng way bcoz of which my files were lost and then i was not able to pull