Workspace in Chrome not loading

My workspace is not loading taking a lot of time.

Please refer this says 3.5Mbps
ping 5%lost in data
3 and 4 the page is not even loading, I couldn’t do that (This site can’t be reached)

Hey, with lost packets its very hard to have a working page.

If you are on hotspot, try connecting via USB tethering. More than speed, dropped packets is the problem.

I connected via USB, as you said data loss is 0%, but still my workspace is not loading.

One more possible idea to rule out issues:

  1. Reset workspace
  2. Relaunch workspace and you will see the url at the top right. Copy it and send it to your mobile.
  3. Open workspace from mobile. If it loads, then its definitely an internet issue when you are loading from your laptop…

One thing to keep in mind is, the problem with mobile hotspots is that they are not stable. For TCP connections you need stable connection - your youtube may work fine as it doesn’t care as much about packet drops…

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