Workspace gone extremely slow

is it only with me ?
tried refreshing and restarting but even “ls” is not working

@chandra-kiran_crio sir

its probably not from my side , can u plz check ?

Just see if you’ve created any high memory files in the workspace. If yes remove that.

Not so as i have been creating .pcap files only (less than a MB)

In that case sorry I have no idea.

Hey, you should check out this FAQ as it makes easier for the Crio team to help you out too. Plus who knows, maybe it’ll resolve your issue.

thanks @shoryajain but the same problem prevails …

@Saurabh_Crio_TA ,can u plz suggest a way !

I refreshed multiple times and closed the window and started overall again till I got a different Workspace URL.

tried all these… !!

Otherwise this happened when I opened the pcap or the 1gb/1kb created file(in module 4) because the interface is not able to read it and then the workspace got really slow even after closing them.

Check the size of your repository by issuing ls -ltrh, it might be possible that accidentally some file would have copied which is very big! It happened with me in case of .pcap file.

Check for large files in workspace subdirectories as this makes workspace slow
maybe your internet connection is a bit slow.

I almost ran in this situation twice. This usually happens when you refresh the workspace without closing the tcpdump command. That’s why the memory keeps on increasing even though you remove the .pcap file due to internal process. So, I carefully remove the analyzing_protocol directory. And bring them back using the #1 commands. Twice.
Hope it helps.

just reset it so that u can get new vitual machine