Workspace error please help

i was working on my workspace suddenly it got reset
and when I relaunched it my was missing

please help

Check this … Workspace problem please help

Didn’t you already make a post regarding this roughly 20 mins ago?

please help me out my file is empty

It seems like you delete some file manually.
You can maually go to and you will find your file.

i have not deleted any file suddenly workspace got reset and now its empty
i was working in

it should be saved automatically then how did it vanish

You can go to and you can recover your file from the previous commit but your changes will be lost

but why did it happen i didn’t do anything wrong

This should not be happen with the workspace issue. You did something wrong.

Anyways we are looking into it. But for now you can recover your file from gitlab

same here…data usddenly lost writte n in…when workspace refreshed…how to recover it

sir there i no rest button too in my workspace

Open your repository on gitlabs and just download the file;s last pushed version from there or revert your changes and pull the module stubs again.