Wireshark error

I tried to open the pcap file and wireshark gives me error while opening it stating the following error:
“The capture file appears to be damaged or corrupt.
(vwr: Invalid data length 3616304 (runs past the end of the record))”.
I can’t understand what did I do wrong here.

Hey this probable error, is caused when the pcap file size is too big, as it has been given in the instructions that the pcap file size should be below 2MB,so work accordingly.
Hope this solved your issue :slight_smile:

My pcap file is only 41kb. Although I found out that there’s a way to write the output to a file. I had used ‘>’ to write it to a file. Was that a problem?

Go through the references given below the taskboard, for writing the tcpdump output to a pcap file.

How did you solve ? I’m getting same error.