Wiki - Git ( Everything Related to Git )

Here you will find out everything related to Git.
Before we start, we would highly recommend the following -

  • Git is the most used version controlling system

  • Every developer, every single day uses Git

  • Wanna know more about the importance of Git? - Check this out - Link

So, long story short. It would be great if you master the Git on your own.

Here are Git Resources - Link

Before creating the Wiki let’s try to leverage the basic skills of Google Search on resolving git issues.

First issue -
Step 1 - Let’s type git status in terminal

Awesome! - We got an error. Great. Now, what to do? By looking at the terminal the problem won’t get solved.

Step 2 - Let’s copy the same error and paste on Google

Step 3 - Let’s pick the latest post based on year - which is the second post 2017 on Stackoverflow. See if this problem is matching with your problem of not

Step 4 - See the answers on Stackoverflow

Step 5 - If it doesn’t solve the problem. Try a few more links, try changing the Google search keywords. You will definitely find a solution.
Let me tell you the biggest secret here. The only difference between you and an experienced developer is -

An experienced developer will keep repeating step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4 till that experienced developer solves the problem. He/She will keep trying, might take a break in between, might take a course on that topic, read blogs, watch youtube videos, etc. But He/She will keep trying to solve it. That’s the only secret sauce here. Do you want to be an experienced developer?

Cool. So, would you love to master it? Or do you want us to Google for you?

Give it a try.

It’s ok. We understand. You are perfectly lazy. We get it. So here are a few common problems we have already solved for you.

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