Why there would be increase in memory after every upload or download?

why there would be an increase in memory after every upload or download?
how can I check this ?? and I have checked the memory usage during the process it had remained constant during (and after, before process) can anyone please explain why?

Whenever we run a process, there is always an increase in RAM usage. You have to track this usage. The reason for this exercise is to get deep understanding of the processes that run in a system.

@Saurav_Crio.Do But the task says to monitor increase in memory after upload and download. According to me, RAM usage should not increase after process is completed. Which memory is referred here in the task?

There is a reason that you are uploading/downloading a 1 GB file, because it will take some significant amount of time to complete the operation. And we can monitor it’s effects on the memory usage while the process is running.

@Saurav_Crio.Do That’s completely okay, memory usage can be monitored while the process is running. But what about the memory increase after the upload/download ( transfer) is done, as the task specifically mentions to check memory usage increase of QBox server after the transfer is done.

For Memory, we are asking for increase in memory usage in bytes since the benchmark for memory is in bytes.
This kind of scenario where a process starts taking more and more memory with different tasks (in this case file transfer) is called a memory leak and is a real problem in the software world.

If there is no memory leak, the memory usage will go back to normal after completion of transfer.

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