Why there is error in build.gradle file

I have not made any changes to this file. Why i am getting thisgradle error ?

I just saw your code. Its working fine with the gradlew.

That means this will not cause any problem in future ?
Because I have not started writing my code yet and getting so many errors including this one .

Try to build your program after you have completed every milestone and todo, multiple functionalities are going to be tested which might not be implemented by you because you just have’nt reached there yet in a particular module, so as a word of advice i would suggest you to complete every milestone and to do first then build the program. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the suggestion. Working on it.


As you said you’re getting so many errors, let me share my view on how to tackle them, It’ll help all those who have just started this ME :slight_smile:

Let me suggest the following things in order to make the online build assessment a bit easy for you for this as well as the upcoming modules.

Try to follow the following things

Suggestion 1: Try to run build locally before pushing your code by the following commands ./gradlew build
./gradlew test

Suggestion 2: Try to debug code, there are very good tutorials available online :slight_smile: , I would like to give you one link which helped me a lot


Suggestion 3: You’ll be dealing with lint/checkstyle errors frequently in the upcoming modules, so I suggest you read about what is Linting and how to resolve them.

Suggestion 4: I suggest you not to make any guesses on resolving a particular error :sweat_smile: , each line of code has a unique personality in it, so what you should do is search for the tutorials about the concept and try to gauge how the stuff is working.

Suggestion 5: Try to learn GIT commands functionalities , like sometimes we use those commands but don’t know the functionality of them. So its always better to know how the commands stuff is working internally, to get a sure shot and sharp picture.

Suggestion 6: Don’t try to hardcode anything in todo’s functions, the online compiler will not tolerate this for sure :rofl: .

Suggestion 7: Try not to alter the Test files given in the test directories, you’ll end up failing your online build test if you did it. [ Even a single space will result in build failure, so please take it seriously ]

Hope you’ll have a good experience in the upcoming modules :running_man:

Happy coding :slight_smile: