Why i am getting mutiple or plenty of files named same as PortfolioManagerApplication.java in my stock folder

Is my system working fine or its behaving abnormal?

you might be using git mergetool exit it and only 1 file will be there.

i have not used git mergetool. Should i use that or not?

its for comparing files to fix merge conflicts, you can fix merge conflicts without that also. While using it 3-4 files with same name are created but upon exiting from mergetool its back to 1.

ok . but can you tell me how to exit from mergetool.

use ctrl + c :grin:
linux terminal

Not working, and i am totally lost

Delete all the extra file except PortfolioManagerApplication.java

Try resetting the workspace and also hard refresh ctrl+shift+R, don’t delete any file you might delete any important file

I have done this step and after that i re-settting up my code then following things occur…

:joy: just open the folder of portfolio manager app and if there are any extra file… Get rid of them and try it again :slight_smile: