Why analyze vsftpd CPU usage?

As per my understanding the QBox application is the client and there must be a server running which caters to the upload and download demands of the application.
In some threads I read that for the high_cpu milestone we need to see the cpu usage of the vsftpd files ie the server .

So how does the cpu usage of the server slows the client machine.

Thanks !

Because you are running the server on your own machine.

That we are doing for simulating the whole process of server, client creation. However in reality as the problems states that some of the QBox users reported ‘that applications on their systems have become slow after updating the QBox version’ hence clearly they must have downloaded a client application hence what actually may be slowing down should be the client rather than the server.
Isn’t this the case ?

There are different versions of OBox server, we don’t know which version is better or which version is not working. You will have to read the various tasks given in the module and submit the analysis on your part. The issue is from the server side, when you start doing the module you will see that problem is from the server side.

Okay Got it !
Do you have any explanation on how problems on server side increases memory and cpu usage at client side ?
I mean theory wise.

There is none on client side, but the client may get frustrated as to why his files are not being transferred quickly. Since there is problem on server side, that’s why we are trying to find out buggy/faulty versions.

I think high CPU usage on the server side doesn’t necessarily correlate to a higher CPU/MEM usage in the client side - @kiran_kartheek had mentioned in yesterday’s live session that we are concerned only about the server in this module.

Anyway, it can lead to more waiting time for the client application as the server would take more time to serve the responses. So, if you look at it like the client application will be running in IDLE state or something like waiting in the process queue for relatively longer time, it could assort to waste of resources.