Which vsftpd process should i monitor, I have been read all the threads but i didn't get it, Parent process or child process please help me out

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After you start ftp try observing top command.

And then transfer a file and at the same time you will see a process suddenly popping up in top output and showing some activity. This is the child process that you need to observe.

Understand which process it is .

there are lot of options with top and also with htop

if you prefer to use top command…you must check those keyboard shortcuts(or options) it provides

this link definitely helps you

check out the forest mode in that, (press V) …really helpful for better understanding of parent child relation. Sorting the output based on different criterias also helps.(google it you’ll find more)

If you sort the list by pid…you’ll get a better idea on which vsftpd process to choose.