Which process to monitor in module 4 milestone client side or server side i am not being able to figure out my res memory output in top command is not changing anybody help

There are 5 process 4 vsftpd and 1 ftp i figured which vsftpd to monitor but i am confused whether we have to monitor vsftpd or ftp process i read previous answer on forum but still not being able to find it also my res value is not changing in top command of both vsftpd and ftp process

Just try to think this way:
For which process you are required to determine benchmarks values.From this you will know whether its client side or server side.
Google parent and child processes.
After that try to visualize your workspace processes using htop command with tree view.
Make sure you are checking correct process via top command.
You are on right track and you will figure it out soon.


it is written in the tasks we need to find the benchmarch for vsftp server so i think it should be vsftpd process only but wanted to know why we will not monitor ftp process it is used for file transfer then why we are not monitoring that

i am still confused its been hours now not getting whether to use ftp or vsftp as both process is producing when we log in and connect to server and changes are taking place in both of them while file transfer plz help

Okay lets try to visualize your doubts like this.
Forget Qbox right now and think you are the client and you want to either post or download something from the server.
In that case there will be certain protocols which are going to govern your conversation with the server.
ftp is facilitating your communication to server.Consider it as a tunnel between you and server.
However there might be certain limits on server or client that this is the upper limit of number of files that can be received or sent respectively.
Now try to relate to Qbox are you using ftp for the same? Does ftp plays a role in all those situations you are confused about.
If you still have try googling about ftp, how it works and read about what is vsftpd. Surely you will get an answer :slight_smile:


ok so basically what is the motive of this milestone is we are finding how much memory. cpu… the server process is taking so that in new versions we try to improve it by increasing them and ftp is just a tunnel for transferring the files it has no hand in monitoring
am i understanding in right way

Just to correct you our motive is to find how much memory or cpu different versions of Qbox namely vsftpd_v2, vsftpd_v3 and so on are taking. We then have to compare results of each version with the benchmark version and see how each version is performing in each aspect.


thank you so much was stuck from such a long time your answer helped a lot :raised_hands: