Which process to monitor(3 processes under different users)

In ms 2 we have to calculate average memory during transfer, but what process do we have to monitor with htop command .There are 3 processes under the name vsftpd.conf , one is under the user root , one under user crio-user and one under nobody ( none of them is showing any significant memory change during the transfer).

Hint: Check when the processes get created to understand which one to monitor.
Start vsftpd. Then monitor. Connect from a client. Then monitor. Transfer file. Then monitor. etc.

from an external client?

Anything should work. External or Internal. But the direction for this module is to use an internal client.

@Kiran i am monitoring but my RES value is getting decreased after put and get, is it supposed to, how can the memory value decrease.and the %CPU is always 0.0, am i doing something wrong?

Yes, you may not be monitoring the correct process or correct field in top output.
Value could be higher during transfer and would naturally go down after the transfer completes since the process is almost idle.

sir i am monitoring the vsftpd process under root,crio-us and nobody, is it wrong?

Please monitor cpu usage during transfer to confirm you are monitoring the correct process.


please see my topic, this is the issue i am facing since yesterday