What we have to do in module 8?

I don’t be able to understand what to do or what to not do in the last module. Can anyone elaborate the todo’s in this module.

You just need to complete AnnualizedReturnParallel method in PortfolioManagerImpl.java and then run the test case

Hey @Jitender,

In this module, you just need to use the multithreading concept of java in your application.

Why we need to do this?
This will make our application much faster in response. We can do Independent and repetitive work in a much faster way and reduce latency in the system.

At last, we will also analyze the difference in latencies.

Learn concepts which are required in this module you can refer this link

Now, Just follow TODO’s!

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Hey for all the tasks done until now, you were making the calls synchronously to the Tiingo/AlphaVantage API, now this task is basically based on improving the performance of your app, you have make an API call asychronously, to understand and execute the task within 6 seconds.

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