What to write in publish_photo_msg function

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    Please clarify what to write in publish_photo_msg function, i don’t understand how to get access code and id.
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    def publish_photo_msg(self, message, image_url):

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Refer to the TODO’s properly,
they will describe what you have to do,
you can make the call to the API, using the requests library in python.

Sir, I can’t access to the code that i’ve written… actually internet went off and i accidently close the laptop… now the fackbook.py and img.py is not showing as i’m doing it again and again.what should i do?

You’ll need to send an API request to Facebook’s graph API to in order to publish a photo with a message. For this, you’ll need to go through the documentation of the graph api and find out which end point is suitable for this action and make a http request using python requests library.

Reset everything using git reset --hard HEAD. This command will revert all the changes to the last commit.

As Since you are in module 3, you can stash your changes with the current module 3 progress that you have done
using git stash
Now do a git reset --hard HEAD to go back to your previous commit and then
do a git stash pop, this will give you a merge conflict, resolve these issues and now you will able to have your right configuration.

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