What to write in high_cpu_uasge_analysis file

In milestone 2 we are required to also submit a file with stats for the high cpu consumption. Someone in the forum answered that we only have to include those vsftpd versions which are transferring files and showing very high cpu consumption… what statistics do we have to write exactly?

Hey @Archisman you just have to mention the faulty version which is taking higher usage of cpu if you are writing correct version then you will get successful in that test case

i am having around 2X cpu usage(it is just 2X, not more) as compared to benchmark for some server versions, so should i consider them or not as i am thinking it is said it should be more than 2X
or should i leave it blank
anyone knows please tell me, i am stuck at it?

There are some versions which consume more than 2x cpu. Try upload and download both for all versions you will definitely find it.

i have tried but couldn’t find

would suggest to go through last week module 4 session… You will get a good idea what is to be done and how