What to do to pass TiingoServiceTest?

In order to pass TiingoServiceTest just reuse the logic you wrote to get Stock quotes in the previous module(Module 3) in the file TiingoService.java.
You can also debug the the getStockQuote function if you getting assertion fail error.

It fails on line no. 85

I cannot see your code but try googling the error it shows.
If when debugging execution does stop at breakpoint it means error is occuring before the breakpoint is reached, therefore try with multiple breakpoint

I got error in this line no.85 when is use debugger

Why have you added a breakpoint in the test file?
Also one more thing, while referreing to your code, I found out that you are making 2 API calls to the Tiingo provider for the same symbol, may I know why?
Refer to this FAQ, you can get your answer from this

Test case want’s string but I am not able to map data with string so I have used TiingoCandle[].Class. And make two calls. Now What to do.

Hey, you don’t have to make 2 API calls, you can just map the API call response to a String and then use Jackson to map it to Tiingo[] using Jackson, can you try this?

@Rahul-Crio.do Sir, It seems impossible because date is in incorrect format how mapping can map this kind of date in to data type LocalDate

Date from the response was always like that, you didn’t notice it before?

I have used different approach before but now it’s restricted to string.

@Jitenderi need the exact error to help you better…
Is it something like cannot construct object ?

Can you check now?
These were the tests which failed as far as i can see

Still Having these errors sir. I really don’t know how other guyz have done this.

Refer to this FAQ,
And this FAQ for null pointer Exception

I think you shouldn’t have a problem now right?

Sir I am having issue only in the 3rd error. Rest of the errors i can solve still i have to implement alpha service.

For the 3rd test, there;s an FAQ as well
Did you go through this?

I have removed the extra part of date and now only date is available but still not able to map and same error exist.

Hey @Jitender don’t rely on error try to read error and debug that instead of trying random things that will be more helpful because all necessary reasons and resources are already provided you by @Rahul-Crio.do so as for hint by looking at your error i can say that you are getting error in Tiingoservice.java file function name getStockQuote() line number 70 so try to find out reason of failing

I got it late night yesterday thank you for your support sir.