What is this logic checking for in Module 2 milestone 1

Hi there, just wanted to know what is the below code/logic checking for in the check_QBox_server_memory.sh file? because if I comment this particular logic then I am getting the required output, but if I just leave it then my program outputs “Incorrect invocation of script. Usage: ./check_QBox_server_memory.sh /proc/meminfo”.

if test $# -ne 1
echo “Incorrect invocation of script. Usage: ./check_QBox_server_memory.sh /proc/meminfo”
exit 1 # Failure

Hey, don’t need to worry about the code that’s given already. Your task is to find the VM’s/workspace memory.

The logic given in the code is that - it will compare your calculated memory with the necessary figure required (e.i 2 GB).

Read the TODOS carefully and attempt, good luck :slight_smile: