What is the process to be monitored in module 4?

Think about this. ftp is the client process and you are in the process of benchmarking the QBox Server. Do you need to monitor the ftp process or the QBox Server process?

Try to see when the child processes are getting created.

Start the QBox Server and see the processes. Keep in mind that sudo command always creates a child process to run any command provided.
Connect from a client and again check the child processes.

Start the file transfer and check which of the child processes are seeing a variation in CPU and/or memory.

You can use the top or htop command to see the CPU and Memory usage.

You can use the ps command to see the process and use the PID and PPID columns to figure out the parent and child hierarchy. Or you can use htop and turn on the Tree view to visualize the hierarchy.

For monitoring the memory usage, figure out the correct column to monitor in the top output for this. Read up about the columns in the top output.

If the memory is not increasing by much during the file transfer, you can enter 0 in the benchmark file as suggested in the instructions. For the faulty versions the change should be significant enough that you’ll see the difference.