What is the goal of Milestone1?

In Milestone1 we are trying to confirm if the QBox Host is reachable from your laptop i.e. whether packets from your laptop are able to reach the QBox Host.
This is needed since the Host has to be first reachable in order to connect from your laptop’s ftp client (filezilla) to the QBox Server process running on the QBox Host machine and transfer files.
The ping command will send packets from your laptop to the QBox Host. Use the IP address of the QBox Host as shown in the workspace as the input parameter to ping command.

In the course of ping packets reaching the QBox Host and a response from QBox Host reaching your laptop, we need to capture these packets on the QBox Host to analyze what these packets look like.

If the ping command returns failure i.e. QBox Host cannot be reached, please check if your local firewall or college network is preventing you from reaching the host.