What close price we have to consider?

for example AAPl have lots of close prices . Which close price we have to consider?

You need to consider the closing price of the latest stock from AAPL or any other stock trade for calculation of total returns and annualized returns.
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how to find latest stock?

In the response , you recieve the array of objects, check the dates of stock
Find the stock which is of latest date.
Consider that stock

I talk about module 2 assignment . In todo’s they don’t mention anything about latest stock

It is mentioned in Todo’s You have to calculate closing price of stock on end date.

I pass end date parameter in url and I got List of TiingoCandle objects and now what close price I choose?

From the list of responses you got from the request Url, search for the end date in these reponses. You will find it’s closing price there.

Just choose the last stock of the list and use its closing price. That’s work.

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