Vsftpd_v2 upload speed

When I am transferring through vsftpd_v2 the speed seems to be very slow but works well when starting with vsftpd_v1.

Speed is around 78kbps.

Files are outside the workspace.
Also killed the process when starting the v2.

Any Ideas?

Remember some versions are faulty.

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@Nitish, when we create different versions of a software, we compare it to its previous version and see if it has improved. In this case v2 is slower than v1 so we’ve to improve it.

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How can we improve it?
Its a executable file.

No, we’re not supposed to do it. I meant, in general the software developer will try to improve it. For now, we just have to benchmark it.

Okay, Yes we don’t have to do it. I pre-read all the milestones and got what are we trying to achieve.

thanks, @ankushshetkar16

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How did you measure the transfer speed for vsftpd_v2