Vsftpd_v1 showing on sftp

tcp 0 0* LISTEN is showing while running QBox on server. It is using SFTP port 22. Is this correct or wrong?

When I try changing file_contents, it says:

Unable to write(Permissions denied)

I have changed ownership using chown, made it executable as root using chmod but no help. What should I do now?

I gave write access using chmod g+w vsftpd

chmod g+w vsftpd
chmod g+w vsftpd.conf
chmod u+w vsftpd
chmod u+w vsftpd.conf
chmod o+w vsftpd
chmod o+w vsftpd.conf

and now I can write to the file.

You should work with vsftpd_v1.conf . give acces to this.
And if you can see vsftpd_v1 running , you don’t have to worry much about anything else. If you are in task 1 use netstat … command ie given in task. And then move to task 2. Follow all the procedures you are good to start running ftp

use ls -l to check if vsftpf_v1.conf has current file ownership set to root

I have checked that and it has got root access. The only thing I can’t check is if it is running on ftp/sftp server because now, port 21, 22 both are showing on using netstat -an

that is fine.But have you not configured QBox server to use a whitelisted port: 8081 . We will be changing the listen_port that QBox listens on to 8081. Update vsftpd_v1.conf check milestone task 1

I have done that and it is showing that 8081 port is running.

yeah. Now you are good to go ahead

Actually I had done that already and it is still showing port 21, 22 running. I think some other processes are running on those ports.

yes and I don’t think it is an issue. if you want check the pid . You might get an idea of what that process is. But since your vsftpd_v1 is listening on 8081, I think it is all going good so far.

You might see another process using 22, that is ok. 21 or 8081 will be used by vsftpd (Note: It should listen on only one of these 2 ports. If it is listening on both, you probably have 2 instances of vsftpd running, one on either port)

Yes, that is the problem in log files. I thought of starting from beginning and got an error as in Accidently deleted the client server folder

You will have to make some changes to vsftp. By default it is listening to port 21. Read the instruction properly and change the port

I have already done that.