Vsftpd service not found

vsftpd service not found
I made changes in config file of vsftpd.conf
I gave the command sudo systemctl restart vsftpd_v1.conf
total confused

Hi @hrithik_cr7
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Hi @hrithik_cr7,

We are provided the vsftpd application itself & thus don’t have to invoke it using systemctl
The command provided in the Milestone 1 Start the QBox server itself would suffice with some modifications

I made some changes in my vsftpd_v1.conf file than I ran
sudo systemctl restart vsftpd_v1.conf

it is showing the same error
Failed to restart vsftpd_v1.conf.service: Unit vsftpd_v1.conf.service not found.

how Can I make changes In vsftpd_v1.conf and make service of vsftpd enable

We are not using the vsftpd service here but rather the provided vsftpd_v1 application available inside the QBox directory, so don’t use systemctl restart vsftpd_v1.conf

You can start the server by using this command vsftpd_v1 vsftpd_v1.conf where the first parameter is the vsftpd server application we have with us & the second the configuration file for it. Now, you will run across errors on doing so like command not found, permission denied etc. as mentioned in the Note section in Milestone 1

Please go through the Note section to get more context about this & find your way through it accordingly

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yes I landed upto an error
500 OOPS: config file not owned by correct user, or not a file

my only doubt is once I make changes in config file to save them
I should again give the command sudo ./vsftpd_v1 vsftpd_v1.conf

Yes, once we make any changes to the config file, the vsftpd server should be restarted to put those changes into effect

And I’ll let you in on a small secret :grinning:

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