Vsftpd.log file not updating

I completed the milestone 2 of module 3 but my vsftpd.log file in the location /home/crio-user/workspace is not getting updated and is completely empty

So what should I do? Isn’t the log file required for evaluation? If it is empty how would the evaluation happen

ok i have got your point now previously i was not able to understand that so solution is checkout your vsftpd.log file destination in vsftpd_v1.conf file

Thanks for your reply. The log file has started to get updated

what did you do I am facaing the same issue
my log file destination is correct in .conf file
but still after transfer
my vsftpd.log file is empty
but when I do sudo vi vsftpd.log
it shows all the files in terminal

will it fail in assessment

I just refreshed using ctrl+shift+r. I think it takes some time to update. Try refreshing