Vsftpd.log file not getting created

Even after successful file transfer using ftp, no log file is getting created at /home/crio-user/workspace/vsftpd.log
I had already made changes in my vsftpd_v1.conf file by adding:-

What to do? Please help!

yeah same here. I also added the command but can’t find it in the workspace.
Did you get any solution?

Can you tell me as to which config file you are giving as a parameter, while entering the vsftpd command?
Looks like you are editing in a different file, and executing the command with a different file argument.

@Rahul-Crio.do I am giving the following command to start my server inside QBox directory:-
sudo ./vsftpd_v1 vsftpd_v1.conf
I am making changes to vsftpd_v1.conf file at /home/crio-user/workspace/QBox/vsftpd_v1.conf
After logging-in to ftp in another terminal I change the working directory first to ftp_client, use
put /home/crio-user/workspace/ftp_client/upload.txt
command and after that change directory to ftp_server and use
get download.txt
Where am I going wrong? Please help!

I am getting the same problem. I edited the config file and started the server with edited config file and still no vsftpd.log file appeared in workspace folder. Do tell me if you have any solution?

My problem is resolved!
For all those having the same problem (@sandy, @Hemant) , we might have done something wrong right from the setup of module 3 which is hard to trace. The best and fastest way to get everything working is to go to setup 2 of module 3 and execute the instructions again:-

cd ~/workspace/QBox

tar -xzvf vsftpd_v1.tar.gz

This will renew your vsftpd_v1 and vsftp_v1.conf files on which you can start afresh. Then make sure you have made necessary changes as given in the screenshot of the following answer(reply 16):-