Vsftpd.log file is missing

Cannot find vsftpd.log file in /var/log

In the Qbox directory

It is not even there in Qbox directory

Did you follow the instruction properly?
Did you run this tar -xzvf vsftpd_v1.tar.gz already?

yes I have run that command.

@sravanti is this issue resolved?

Yes sir.I have deleted the vsftpd_v1.conf file,started from the setup 2 and I got the log file

How did you get the log file ?
I have vsftpd_v1.conf in QBox Directory

Add those 5 lines given in milestone 2 to vsftpd_v1.conf, run the server and start FTP connection. When you start the FTP connection you will get the log file.

I too am facing the same issue. I copied the 5 lines and ran the server but the log file still doesn’t show up. What do I do?