Vsftpd file changes not getting saved

My changes for listen_port and vsftpd_log_file=/home/crio-user/workspace/vsftpd.log
are not getting saved everytime the workspace closes.
ANd in my directory I cant see any vsftpd.log

stuck forhours. please help

please make sure you have closed the previous version of the vsftpd , and re enter the detaills again in the config file.
also press ctrl+S to save the changes

I tried it but there is no previous version of vsftpd running already. Plus whenever I m trying to restart the service again it shows this error
Failed to restart vsftpd_v1.conf.service: Unit vsftpd_v1.conf.service not found.

Can you send a screenshot of this error?

This might be due to the change in user permissions. As we had changed ownership of the vsftpd.conf file to root for running the QBox server, you’ll need to be root for editing the file too. But, when opened in the workspace editor, it will have only normal user - crio-user rights.

So, either you’ll have to change the file ownership b/w root and crio-user every time you have to run the server or modify the conf file. Or, use an editor in the terminal like Vim or nano with root permissions(sudo)

Let me know if it helped :slight_smile: