UTask `qmoney:compileTestJava` failed!

This what is mentioned in unit test file.

2020-03-01 05:23:05,943 unitTesting INFO Running gradle test
2020-03-01 05:23:21,459 unitTesting INFO Gradle test run complete
2020-03-01 05:23:21,461 unitTesting INFO Build failed

All the unit cases have passed.
I have seen others not able to clear some of its test cases.
My Module3test.java is empty .
I even read that once you submit you get the module3 testcases.
But I still havent gotten it.
Please help and tell me how to proceed since I am clueless right now.

Check your annual return calculation logic.

@gouravsardana Sir,please give some hints.
There are no testcases for me to debug.
ModuleThreeTest isnt available for me.
If I get that then I can proceed.

I am also having same error.If you are able to solve it then please write on the forum here.

I already check your code. Check your calculation logic.

Already solved it.
Calculation logic was not the issue,it was that I had modified in the test file getAnnualizedReturn as something else.
Hence the error.

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