Using Commands field in tiingo api and supplying multiple tickers

I am unable to use that Command field in tiingo end of day api call which would be a great help on filtering just the required data. It says it takes input as a array of string .

One extra question had anyone found any resource for supplying multiple tickers in api calls as i have seen that in previous changelog ( 2017-07-25) it was possible but now it seems to take just the first ticker.

Can’t understand your question.
But you can just pass the symbols as a variable into the url while traversing.

Why you want to pass list of ticker to the API. API will not allow you to do such things.

Hint: there is concept of iteration in Java search it, understand it and apply.

Why don’t you make multiple API requests i.e. one request for each ticker?

you are on right path but, You misunderstood the question
you have to call the API for each symbol in the list
(hint : use loops)

i know i can iterate over the api with the list of ticker , just asking whether it was possible to pass multiple tickers in one api.

was asking about this field in end of day price in api

Never mind folks got the answer for filtering the result in an api call using that columns field.
Hint : use “columns” instead of “Columns”. you would get something out of it.