Unit testing fails without specifying reason

my ./gradlew build passes with all 7 test cases and spotbugs pmd free but unitTest fails

can anyone help me out?
@Saurav_Crio.Do @ajay-crio @sashi_Crio.Do

Been stuck on this for 6 hrs .

There are some hidden test cases as well. Please check your , so that it can handle those situations.

I have thought of every possible type of problem. havnt hard coded anything either.
Any hints?

Check for the parameters you are passing like the dates and check when can those be invalid and how to handle them.

Okay, what if they are invalid? What error do I pass? Or just print them in random pattern? Nothing is mentioned what to do in case of invalid date or something like end<start date

Problem solved. Make sure all the functions from the previous modules are present too. So accept both changes in merge conflicts.