Unit test for TiingoService failing despite the correct values being returned

As seen in the screenshots below , in the Debug Console you can see the actual value that candles.get(0).getOpen() gives is the same that is asked in the assert part that is highlighted but it fails (as shown in the next image)

ps: to get this testcase running i had to modify the constructor of TiingoService to create a new instance of RestTemplate instead of assigning the one passed to it as param as nothing is passed by the test

At a first glance, my guess would be that candles.get(0).getOpen() seems to be returning a Double object but 1027.2 is a primitive double. Can you do a quick check if that is indeed the case by editing the test method? Change the first expected part to candles.get(0).getOpen().doubleValue() and see if that works. If it does, then you know what the problem is (remember to revert the change to the test method and put it in the proper fix).

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