Unit test error in module 3

I get unit test error in module 3.
File: confirm_client_server_communication.py | Status: TEST_STATUS_FAILURE
@sridherj-criodo, @Sakshat-Crio.Do, @chandra-kiran_crio

Same error. Pls help. All other unit tests are passing.

Issue is not solved. Please help.

@amanagar please help to solve this issue.

look into your vsftpd.log file and make sure it is capturing log for file transfer between client and server

How I will check that?? @amanagar

use cat command to print the vsftpd.log file and grep command to look for particular for keyword lines

i am also facing same issue

@amanagar Yes file transfer is successful and log file captures that successfully.
Now what to do?

same here, it’s capturing, my third test case is failing

My second test case is failing despite the fact that the logs are saved.

when connecting to qbox server to local host
use instead of your workspace hostid

sir I had successfully uploaded the file and downloaded the file but their is no trace in the vsftpd.log file
can you please help me out

check your vsftpd.conf file checkout their you have defined correct path for vsftpd.log and read module 3 instructions carefully where you have defined parameters in the vsftpd.conf file

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thank you for assisting completed module 3