Unable to use workspace

I made a sample text file of size 1GB, and opened it in the editor, now the workspace is stuck. Help is appreciated.

You might have created multiple 1 GB files onto your workspace. Please delete that file. Use df -m to see how much space is left. If 80% or above is the total space consumed then the workspace will crash.

I have created only one file, when i try to delete the file the workspace crashes.

Use df -m command and see how much space is consumed, if it is low then there might be another reason for your workspace issue.

The workspace has used only 1% space. The sample file has been replaced by a file with this name -“nfs339e2d136581f78c00000001”.

But is your workspace running smoothly? If yes then create one more 1 GB file and be careful while creating multiple copies for testing. If no then please let me know.

Its working, thanks for the help.