Unable to understand module 6 todo

Make sure that result contains the records for for startDate and endDate after filtering.

as mentioned in todo of alphavantageservice.java

we need to keep only startdate and enddate


from startdate to endate (inclusive of startdate or enddate)

We need to keep the results between the start and end date both inclusive.

Alpha-vantage api give the response for all the date. You need to filter for given dates and follow rest of the TODO further.

Alphavantage API give you results for last 20 years trade for a particular symbol mentioned in URI.

You need to filter out data between start date to end date (both inclusive).

Example - If start date is 2020-01-01 and end date is 2020-01-03
Then answer must consist of Data of dates (2020-01-01, 2020-01-02, 2020-01-03).