Unable to push the code - Module 5

I hvae tried multiple time to push my code but I am unable too. I cloned my file and then tried it again as it was mentioned in the forum, but nothing happened. I checked my file size mutiple times. It is 1.1 mb but still it is showing that it is exceeding the file size. Can somebody help?

I am stuck here for the past 2 days.

I have fixed the problem for you. But if you have paid attention to the error, you would have definitely solved the problem yourself.

Problem was that you removed .git folder and did git init and not a git clone. Which means a relationship between your gitlab repo and your local files is not established. That’s why it complains saying it cannot find remote repo.

In this case you can remote add origin or do a git clone which is far easier.

You now owe me 5 helps in forum for ppl running into git issues :slight_smile: