Unable to login

Been trying to login through my Gmail acc on chrome. I cleaned cache, cookies, ticked some programs to walk through firewall. Reset my browser and still wasnt able to login with chrome. downloaded Chromium based Edge browser, still same error, the dialog box disappears after entering gmail acc id and password. Sometimes it works smoothly and when im in workspace working, it stops syncing and asks me to reconnect and it fails, so i log out clear cookies and try to login. I’ve hardly worked on miniproject, just completed 1st module but again im not able to login.

@notayushsonare please wait, looking into it.

Ayush, as we have discussed yesterday, it is definitely not a problem on our side. As you had issues with windows defender last time, why don’t you just disable windows defender for say few hrs, work on the mini-project and then enable it back?

Its not issue from my side. I saw a solution on internet and tried it. Worked for sometime but again i had to log out because of no response from work-space. Im just able to sign in for sometime, i dont know why. Tried everything, Its just that, i really want to work on the tasks you guys provided.

Do you have access to any other laptop? Or do you have dual boot (ubuntu)? It might help confirm if the issue is on your laptop.

Another option is to boot your system in safemode which will usually disable firewalls and then try logging in.

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Yea, it’s working on another laptop, thanks! :slight_smile:

Yea, so same thing is happening on other laptop, im not able to login. It was working fine when i switched onto a new laptop but it stopped working after some time. Workspace wasnt responding so had to log out and now same error is happening, i switched onto my laptop, i was able to login and work for sometime but again workspace stopped working had to logout, tried Edge browser, worked on it for sometime, so for 2-3 hrs i kept switching on different laptops and browsers. Now i’m not able to login in any of them

@Crio-Admin @gouravsardana
I’m facing the same problem for last 30 minutes and have tried everything.

Same issue. Unable to login.

yeah me too, i’m facing the same issue from an hour by now

Facing a similar problem with this one.Cannot login.

Unable to login to the crio.do platform . I signed out because module 2 was still locked after completing module 1. I thought login again would solve the problem but now I can not login at all. HELP