Unable to load workspace after uploading large file as said in Module 4

It says <IP_Address> dev.ws.crio.do didn’t send any data. I have tried all thing but it is not working.

have you read the notes which are mentioned in module 4 while creating 1 GB file over VM read the instructions again

Yes, I have created a file but I think it’s size was huge maybe 10GB. After that when I refresh the workspace it’s responding with the error mentioned above.

Please. Help me out Sir! I’m Stuck.

wait our team is looking into this

Sir! waiting for response.

i am facing the same issue. My workspace is also not opening after fike transfer from server to client

Does it shows the same error as mentioned above ?

Yes it is showing the same error

Hope the support team will help us.

@amanagar Sir We are still struggling with this.