Unable to get the error in QMoney Module 2

Please Help

you can not create instance of interface, but you can create reference of interface by using a class which had implemented that interface. Try to find out that class.

For information about interfaces:-

Which class are you using as your POCO class?

List collection = mapper.readValue(result,
new TypeReference<ArrayList>() {

i.e Candle I think

Maybe this will help!!

Used the same code.
Now I am using TiingoCandle but getting same error I think.

Hey can you refer to this ?

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not working.
Should I do it for
or, TotalReturnsDto

You have to use the TiingoCandle POJO

Is your issue resolved?

Thanks Sir, this one is Solved.

Sir, I have merged both the changes in module 2.
Is it that way, it is giving error in build?
Or, I have done right by accepting both changes.

Thank you sir, problem is solved