Unable to get post to the facebook page using the QEats server

  1. I have been trying to post an image to facebook along with some comments using the command line by the help of the qeats server. Even after getting a response status code of 200, I’m unable to see my post in the #showcase channel. Help me out.

  2. I have been stuck on this problem for more than 20 minutes.

  3. I’m unable to figure out what the exact problem might be.

make published parameter true in json data format information which you are posting on facebook page

After making the published parameter true, I’m getting a response code of 500. I can’t seem to figure out where the error is occurring

it can be an typo error make sure you are not making any typo mistake.

I checked. Not typo error. Am I allowed to post any sort of code here?

no wait for 5-10 mins looking into it

Hey @gautam_gaurav you are in module 1 right?

Hey @gautam_gaurav as i am not able to see where you have implemented your publish_photo_msg function first complete that then try to do that

No I’m talking about module 2. It’s the share_review.py file that I’m talking about.

but i have just seen your workspace you have not implemented function publish_photo_msg in facebook_post.py file so implement that then you are good to go ahead

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