Unable to find the message for secure transfer

Having issues with assessment, don’t know the exact error, output of log file is

Did you enable debugging into vsftpd.log?

Same problem. I enabled the debugging into vsftpd.conf and i copied the log file and pcap file into the secure_transfer folder.

yes, ssldebug is enabled

Even I’m facing the same issue

Are you able to see secure transfer related entries in log file?

@Pranav-Khurana looks like you resolved this. Please explain what changes were needed so that others facing the same issue can find it useful. Thanks.

Actually I was overwriting the file, when i transfer the file initially without SSL and then I just used to overwrite it after SSL, instead of doing this, remove the file after insecure transfer and then transfer then same file through a secured method. This might resolve problem, it worked for me.

these were not visible when i was overwriting the file