Unable to copy paste in terminal

I am copying and pasting commands in terminal but nothing is happening, why?

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Please try to use ctrl+shift+v while copying and pasting on to the terminal

It’s linux terminal and ctrl+shift+v will work.

Try this

This is not working…

I have tried this but not working.

There might be some issue, looking into it. Please be patient and try after sometime.

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which Browser you are using?
Mozilla Firefox doesn’t support any operation using Ctrl + Shift + V, Use Google Chrome to Copy paste into terminal.

I am using internet explorer.

i think IE also have same issue.

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It’s recommended to use Google Chrome.

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In case of crio’s platform i.e. vm you can simply give the permission to copy and paste to clipboard and then just normal commands can be used for copy pasting

thank you. it is working on chome.

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