Unable to connect to server - No route to host

I am trying to connect to ftp using generated SSL certificate and I am able to login into ftp server using ftp-ssl client from internal qboxt up address by using the internal IP address, but I was not able connect to my qbox host using my workspace up address starts with 3.6.161 and in filezilla it’s showing me timeout can anyone help me out…!
Here are details along with my configuration parameters

Please use fileZilla for connecting to the QBox host as mentioned in the task

Hey dont share screenshots of your code!
Are you using right ip to connect ?
use filezilla to connect as ftp-client

I was not able to connect to QBox on my college WiFi. So I used mobile data to connect to QBox.
If still you are unable to connect then please give more details about error you are facing.
PS: Please remove Screenshots as it is not allowed to share your code.

Yes I am using file zilla in my windows and also configured it properly using TLS configuration yet I was not able to connect to my server

Please make sure you have made required changes to vsftpd.conf file .
For further assisstance you can refer to the following link

Thank you the issue is resolved…!