Unable to add pins to pinterest board using "Pinterest API Explorer"

I have been trying to add a pin to the ‘qeats-review’ board. I have added the board(username/board_id), note, image_url and token. I’m getting an error:

root:{} 1 item
error:Something went wrong, are your fields correct?

Hey, it says to check your fields, as the post.requests() method accepts a second data parameter just just check that you are passing all the necessary fields.

While executing the pinterest_post.py, it says that ‘name Pinterest is not defined’.

Okay, you gotta make sure that this file pinterest_post.py should be similar to the facebook_post.py (the one we executed in previous module). Check for the access tokens, class definition, and also the function responsible for handling the post request. Just make sure that there are no logical or silly errors from your side.

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