Unable to access Portfolio Manager UI

I am getting timout error when trying to access Qmoney Portfolio Manager UI when accessing through the browser through my link workspace_link:8081

try from different device

try from worksapce browser as localhost:8081

reset workspace and then try again

Is the server running and the python script returning response code 200 with the correct output?

@Swapnil97 you are ahead of schedule, which means you have the time to try and debug some of these things yourself. Please present your analysis. Tell us what you have checked. Put your hard-earned QBox learnings to some good use here. There’s a reason why we ask you to do QBox before QMoney. :slight_smile:

make sure you are running it with http:// not with https://

I spent half an hour trying to debug this issue.
It turns out that the college wifi does not allow communication on arbitrary ports(8081).
Since everything was working earlier on wifi,i thought there is some issue in the workspace.
The workspace browser preview was already working so i just wanted to understand why it the UI was not accessible from my browser.
I apologise for not providing this information earlier.

@Swapnil97 at the very least, please come back and leave a comment on the issue so we don’t spend time on it. There’s a lot of you in this batch. Saving every minute of mentoring time is critical for us.

Yes,i apologize for replying late.