UI app fetching old record of trades.json

I tried changing the content of trades.json like changing the quantity or changing the date but the UI always shows same old trades.json. Why it is so?

Have you done a git Checkout as given in the setup instructions ?

Yupp. I have already did that

If you are changing the trades.json file in the project directory, well that does not affect the UI, basically you have to use the dashboard.py program along with the trades.json file to check the output in the terminal

the trades.json file is not for the UI

hope, this helps :slight_smile:

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Adding to what @jyotirmoy-paul said, if you really want to play with UI, you can play with the file inside resources/json… but make sure you have a backup… so that you can restore it, if something goes wrong!

Hey since, I have not received any response from you , I am closing this ticket, You can re-open a new ticket if you have the same issue :slight_smile: