TypeReference cannot be resolved to a type

I get this error when i try to parse the json symbols into a list using readValue function. Help is appreciated.

Make sure you have imported TypeReference in the class you are planning to use

Do I need to handle JsonProcessingException?

All the users have their different way to solve. It might be the case you need to handle this exception.

When I tried to throw the exception, the output did not print the list?
Why am i getting this exception?

If it didn’t print the list. It means your code didn’t reach to that line where you are printing or returning the list.
Try to use debugger. It will really help you :slight_smile:

Why this exception occur - It might be the case your code throws this exception. Its completely depend upon your logic.

Can i use PortfolioTrade.java as the pojo class?

Yup, You need to use this POJO :slight_smile: